Additional City Card offers & City Card highlights

In April 2017 I amsterdam City Card holders can visit a number of special exhibitions at the following museums for free, with a small surcharge or enjoy 25% discount on attractions and excursions. Please note: these offers are additional extras for the City Card and some are not shown on the City Card map.

Check here all that’s included in the I amsterdam City Card.
1. Hermitage Amsterdam
Romanov & Revolution 
Romanovs & Revolution -The End of Monarchy will open a century after the outbreak of the Russian Revolution. Using films, photographs, paintings, objets d’art and historical documents, the show will tell the gripping story of fashionable St Petersburg and the art that flourished there in the early twentieth century, of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra, and of the explosive political and social circumstances of their reign. This exposition runs from 4 February until 17 September 2017.
  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

2. Stedelijk Museum 
Ed van der Elsken - Camera in Love 
The Stedelijk presents the largest overview of the photographic and filmic work of Dutch photographer Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) in twenty five years. A unique figure, Van der Elsken was renowned as a street photographer, and is recognised as the most important Dutch photographer of the 20th century. 
This exposition runs from 4 Februari until 21 May 2017.
  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

3. Amsterdam Museum
Maurice Boyer – At home in Amsterdam
Urban photographer Boyer and the central question ‘Who does the city belong to?’ Amsterdam plays an important role as it often forms the setting of Boyer's work. He has worked four decades as a photojournalist. He also won awards from the Zilveren Camera and World Press Photo. This exposition runs until 14 June 2017.
  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

4. Van Gogh Museum
Prints in Paris 1900: From Elite to the Street 

Modern artists decorated the entire French capital with their prints in the period 1890–1905. World-famous posters like Le Chat Noir and Le Moulin Rouge were displayed along the boulevards and in popular cafés.
Some artists also created exclusive prints for the elite which could only be seen in private collections, fashionable theatres and exclusive galleries. This exposition runs until 11 June 2017.
  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

5. Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem
Flowers in Bloom

Every spring the Frans Hals Museum is a riot of flowers, the museum’s rooms and corridors will be decorated with fresh bouquets of flowers and other floral art in unusual vases. This year the theme ‘China-Netherlands’. A small exhibition shows how Golden Age painters were inspired by flowers and by tulip mania.
An ideal way to combine Haarlem and the Keukenhof spring garden where the Tulip Mania of the Golden Age comes to life. This exposition runs until 21 May 2017
  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card