Every month we offer a number of new discounts and giveaways just for I amsterdam City Card holders! To take advantage of these limited-time offers, simply show your 2016 City Card at the participating location.

Special offers & City Card highlights

In February I amsterdam City Card holders can visit a number of special exhibitions at the following museums for free or with a small surcharge, or enjoy 25% discount on attractions and excursions.

1. Hermitage Amsterdam
Spanish Masters from the Hermitage

This monumental exhibit retraces the glorious story of Spanish art during the Golden Age, including more than a hundred paintings and other graphic works and applied arts by masters such as El Greco, Ribera, Velázquez, Murillo, Goya and Picasso. Inspired by Italian masters, these often dramatic, theatrical works of art are a must-see and portray a decisive, exceptional period of art history.
This exposition runs until 29 May 2016.

  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

2. Red Light Secrets
Museum of prostitution

Experience an intriguing world that remains hidden to many as you uncover the truth behind Amsterdam’s most notorious neighbourhood: the Red Light District. This museum offers a glimpse behind the scenes of the oldest profession in the world. Take a seat behind one of the famous windows, listen to the secrets of the women and discover that this neighbourhood has much more to it than paid sex.

  • I amsterdam City Card holders receive 25% discount
  • Please note: this offer is an additional extra for the City Card Specials and is not shown on the City Card map.

3. Teylers Museum Haarlem
Real Winters

The reality of 19th-century Dutch winters is on show at Teylers Museum, with works from artists such as Schelfhout and Apol, Mauve, Breitner and Van Gogh. Depictions of beautiful icy landscapes and delightful scenes of skating and sledding on frozen lakes and canals are accompanied by paintings showing the harsher side of the season like impassable ice drifts, as well as more abstract images by Witsen and Mankes. The exhibition makes for an interesting comparison with today’s much milder winters, a silent commentary on climate change. This exposition runs until 6 March 2016.

  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

4. Tropenmuseum
The Sixties – A world wide happening

Amsterdam’s museum of anthropology turns its focus on the decade that saw enormous social, cultural and political changes all over the world. By examining each aspect of the sixties, from the arts to fashion, architecture and even the media, the exhibit throws the visitor back in time and uncovers the global connections which defi ned today’s world. This exposition runs until 13 March 2016.

  • FREE entrance with the I amsterdam City Card

5. Hermitage Amsterdam (separate wing)
Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age

The exposition features over thirty group portraits dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. These enormous paintings originate from the Amsterdam Museum and Rijksmuseum and are accompanied by other paintings and objects, including Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deijman. (this exposition runs until the end of 2016).

  • FREE entrance with your I amsterdam City Card