Expatcenter's annual event: Open Amsterdam

The Expatcenter’s annual corporate and community event is organised to connect Amsterdam’s international community with the Expatcenter’s corporate partners, and to share experiences, knowledge and insights. The next event takes place in January 2017 and has the Open Amsterdam strategy for international talent as its theme. The day will also include the presentation of the Expatcenter’s new name and visual identity.

Event details

Date: 26 January 2017

Time: 13:00 - 19:00

Location: B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a, 1066 VH, Amsterdam

Open Amsterdam

Being an international city offers new perspectives and new solutions; openness for people and ideas leads to a diverse workforce, development, innovation and economic growth. We want Amsterdam to be attractive to international companies. To this end, there are three crucial factors: the presence of talent, the availability of international schools and attractive and affordable housing.

Insights into the life of internationals in Amsterdam

The question is, how open, international and welcoming is Amsterdam really? What is going well, and where do we find room for improvement? The corporate event is designed to delve into these questions together. The Expatcenter, its partners and members of the international community can share insights and experiences about obstacles faced by international residents, and explore the roles we can all play in removing those obstacles.

Programme and location

The event takes place at B. Amsterdam. It is organised along three main themes: life, work and education and includes a general discussion about schools and education in Amsterdam along with break-out sessions which address specific issues. The sessions are hosted by partners of the Expatcenter, members of Amsterdam’s international community and other participants.