The Expatcenter provides a one-stop-shop service for international talent: companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, scientific researchers, international entrepreneurs and investors and international graduates.

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The Expatcenter services

With simplified processes and applications, the Expatcenter aims to better meet the needs of international companies and their expatriate employees in...

The 30% ruling via the Expatcenter Amsterdam

The Expatcenter Amsterdam officially cooperates with the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) in regards to the 30% ruling.

Expatcenter partners

The Expatcenter's Partnership Programme connects internationals in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to service providers operating in the expat market....

Forms & downloads

Here you can download some of the essential forms (in PDF format) used by the Expatcenter, Belastingdienst and IND to simplify procedures for employer...

Start-up permits

As of 2015, a new regulation makes it possible for ambitious entrepreneurs to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands. The so-calle...

Application for a highly skilled migrant via the Expatcenter

Below you will find a complete list of steps for using the Expatcenter's streamlined procedures. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact ...
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About the Expatcenter

About us

The cities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Haarlem, Hilversum, Haarlemmermeer and Velsen, together with the Immigration and Naturalisation Services ...

Expatcenter FAQ

Find answers to all our frequently asked questions about moving to and living in Amsterdam. Such as registration in the city, information about permit...

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The Expatcenter is conveniently located in the World Trade Center (WTC) in Amsterdam's Zuidas district.


  • A successful 2015 for the Expatcenter Amsterdam

    The Expatcenter Amsterdam’s official numbers for 2015 have been released. Once again, they demonstrate that it’s been a very successful year, not only for the Expatcenter, but also for the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area as a location for international business.

  • Startup permit improved for 2016

    The startup permit scheme has been improved for 2016, now allowing international startup entrepreneurs a longer period of time in which to develop their business.

  • Expatcenter scores high on customer satisfaction

    Results from the 2015 customer survey demonstrate the Expatcenter Amsterdam’s continued ability to meet both its corporate and its expat clients’ needs and expectations.

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