Citylab, an American website that writes about cities of the future, praises Amsterdam’s startup map for its density and exclusive functionalities. About the city the website remarks: “it shouldn't come as a surprise that the Dutch capital is now emerging as a powerhouse for startup activity.”

Startup hub to watch

The article mentions how websites and Quartz both highlight Amsterdam’s advantages as startup city. called Amsterdam a startup hub to watch in 2014, even though it is small in size compared to large tech cities Silicon Valley, Beijing and New York. Quartz points out that two of the most notable advantages of Amsterdam are the relatively low cost of running a startup, and the abundance of English-fluent coders and programmers. Don’t expect to learn Dutch when being a foreigner in the Netherlands: most of the Dutch population speaks English and gladly helps you out in their second language.  

Unique functionality

Although other cities like New York also map out their startups, Citylab points out that these maps have limited utility. What StartupAmsterdam’s startup map does differently is that it allows users to have an inside-look into the offices from which the city’s startup community is working away at innovation. Furthermore, the map displays the striking density of startup activity. An entrepreneur scouting Amsterdam as the base for his or her company can use to the map to outline who his potential collaborators or competitors will be. The benefits of this work two ways: a young company can nestle itself among startups operating in the same field, enabling a tapping into networks and experience. Secondly, the map can direct investors straight to the doors of startups disrupting the sector of their interest.

Business with an edge

Citylab rightfully highlights that Amsterdam “ is a city known for business with an edge.” With the StartupAmsterdam action programme, that includes building the best online platform for the startup ecosystem, the city shows to value innovation and growth. Citylab concludes: “Idea-driven collaboration and investment is the lifeblood of startup growth. And relating pertinent, specialised information in this way is likely to generate even more of it in Amsterdam.”