StartupAmsterdam – an online guide to the ecosystem

On StartupAmsterdam’s online portal we help you discover all there is to know about the Dutch capital’s startup scene.

Calendar Our events calendar shows all startup and tech events happening in the Amsterdam community. Settling in is about making connections: visit meetups, conferences and workshops and you’ll understand why this cosmopolitan city is renowned for its village feel.

Who is who To make connecting even easier, we have set up a page for you showing some of the key players in the scene. Browse our Who is who page and remember the faces and names of those you should connect to, or follow the link to their Linkedin profile.

News There are numerous quality online news sources on the Dutch and Amsterdam startup scene, such as like StartupJuncture, Sprout and Silicon Canals. On our Startup news page we bring it all together: who’s got funding, what opportunities await and how the city’s developing – this is the one news page giving you the full overview.

Startup Map – One of StartupAmsterdam’s assets is the Startup Map, which maps out the startup ecosystem of Amsterdam. Use the map to find data on startup companies using filters including business model, size or growth, find useful places like workspaces and accelerators and get data on investors. Once you’ve set up shop in Amsterdam, make sure to add your startup to the map: log in using your Dealroom or LinkedIn account.

Accelerators and incubators

Amsterdam is home to awesome accelerators such as Startupbootcamp, Rockstart and Impact Hub. Links to these and more can be found on our page listing accelerators and incubators. Some worth noting are:

  • Startup in Residence – A brainchild of StartupAmsterdam, this incubator is an innovative collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and startups. The project invites Dutch and international startups to devise solutions to social issues in the city. The second edition is due to start in October or November 2016.

  • Open-House – Open-House is an innovation platform and talent programme that uses festivals and events as a testing ground for entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry.

  • Innovation Center – Located in the Amsterdam ArenA, the Netherlands’ largest football stadium, the Innovation Center develops new concepts for stadium management and event experience with a focus on profitability, sustainability, safety and customer experience.

  • Let it Grow – The Let it Grow Lab facilitates green solutions to urban challenges. Located at B. Amsterdam’s newest green location, B.2, this five-month incubation programme offers workspace and access to the network of Royal FloraHolland to entrepreneurs, urban idealists and artists who want to grow their businesses and/or projects.

Where to live and work?

Live to work, or work to live? No matter what the answer is, you will need a space for both. Find global coworking spaces in Amsterdam, such as WeWork, ImpactHub and Spaces. Or base yourself in one of the many Amsterdam startup work spaces like B.Amsterdam (a startup paradise at the edge of the city), Rockstart Spaces, Hackers and Founders, The Startup Orgy (TSO), StartDock, Bouncespace or Prodock – a unique co-working space at the Port of Amsterdam.

The Expatcenter offers resources to help you on your way for renting or buying a house. There are also various hotels that offer longer-stay options, like Hotel Jansen (“not for students”), Hotel Zoku or the Student Hotel. Or just rent from a local using Airbnb.

Growing into Europe

An important reason to move to Amsterdam is the city’s function as a gateway into Europe and the world. StartupAmsterdam actively builds a Launchpad network helping your company grow into the world.

Launchpad Our Launchpad page introduces corporate partners connected to our network who are interested to act as launching customer. The page also features articles on investors and useful videos such as the scale-up guide to Amsterdam.

Investment Get to know the Dutch investment scene, with many firms based in Amsterdam. Peak Capital, one of the VCs in Amsterdam, has mapped out the Tech Venture Capital Ecosystem as a courtesy to startups. Study their map and read the ten tips they give entrepreneurs on the hunt for capital. Some worthwhile reads are interviews with Amsterdam-based VCs such as Keadyn, Prime Ventures and INKEF Capital and the blog

Mark your calendars

Aside from the events calendar for your weekly update about events in Amsterdam, there are a number of annual unmissable events:

Amsterdam Capital Week: From 26 to 30 September, Amsterdam is the capital of capital. With a week-long programme that includes more than 25 events, Amsterdam Capital Week focuses on connecting various types of capital with early-stage startups and fast-growing scale-up companies. In 2015, it hosted more than 500 worldwide investors and over 2000 startups in various phases of maturity. Watch a clip of 2015’s Capital Week here.

Launchpad Meetups: With several editions per year, Launchpad Meetups are small, powerful events with a mission to connect disrupting startups with Amsterdam’s finest corporates. The Meetups give startups the opportunity to pitch their revolutionary businesses in the boardrooms of corporates to help them solve their innovation challenge. The format encourages future collaborations, helping corporates to innovate and startups to land launching customers. Make sure to follow StartupAmsterdam for updates on the next edition.

TNW Conference: The Next Web Conference is one of the biggest intimate tech festivals in the world. On stage during the 2016 edition, Gary Vaynerchuk said the conference was unbelievable, f*cking awesome and the nicest set up to a conference he had ever seen. We agree. Next up in May 2017.

Be social

Naturally, the Amsterdam startup community is represented with a group on LinkedIn and Facebook. In addition, we highly recommend you follow StartupAmsterdam on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to stay in the know of news, events and opportunities. If that’s too social for your liking, why not sign up for our monthly newsletter offering a curated update of what’s happening in startup city Amsterdam. We also have curated playlists on the StartupAmsterdam YouTube Channel to show you around Amsterdam’s co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators (and more).