The programme Coding for Amsterdam is one of the ways that StartupAmsterdam's education-focused aim is realised. The Coding for Amsterdam mission is to help all Amsterdam’s primary schools implement 21st-century skills – coding in particular – into their curriculum. Teaching children how to code will create a talent pool for the future – a pool from which excellent digital skills will be increasingly needed to support innovation and startups.

Hour of code

StartupAmsterdam sponsors guest lecturers to give an hour of coding introduction, and teachers are invited to discover just how simple coding can be. By introducing schools to coding, we expect to lower the boundaries for integrating 21st-century skills in school curriculums.

Two phases in the programme

There are two phases in the Coding for Amsterdam programme. In 2016, all primary schools were offered an introductory lesson in coding by a guest lecturer. Schools get to choose which method is used to increase the chance of success. In 2017, schools that participate in the introductory lesson can choose a trajectory that will continue these classes. StartupAmsterdam also aims to offer workshops to teachers too, introducing them to lesson plans and teaching material. 


In realising the Coding for Amsterdam programme, StartupAmsterdam works with partners who have an impressive track record in code education, including Bomberbot, Jinc, New Tech Kids, MU and CodeUur. The ABN AMRO Foundation sponsors the programme with manpower and by ensuring that basic requirements for coding lessons are in place at schools; for example, they have donated over 1,200 laptops so far.