From New York to Amsterdam to Paris

Since the start of the action programme, Amsterdam has signed memorandums of understanding with New York and Paris, agreeing to support one another’s entrepreneurial ecosystems. StartupAmsterdam has entered partnerships with local startup organisations in these cities to organise startup bootcamps that enable the exchange of knowledge and opportunity. The bootcamps are designed to help young, growing companies that are beyond seed funding take their first step across borders. Participating startups are helped with market introduction and are offered knowledge on legal and cultural differences, as well as advice on marketing in these new markets.

Amsterdam's startup scene

When asked about their experiences, the international startups that were introduced to Amsterdam reflected that they were surprised by how lively, active and fast-growing the startup community was in the city. After participating in the NYC2Amsterdam bootcamp in May 2016, translation platform Motaword and video app Dynamite Labs were so impressed by Amsterdam’s multilingual labour pool and international character that they have since announced plans to open an office in the city. Startup Shoptiques was introduced to Amsterdam-based Parcel International for their logistic needs, and – after striking up a deal –  Shoptique now has a presence in the Netherlands. Read more about the deal here

The bootcamps are set up to offer a thorough induction into the city’s startup ecosystem. The Amsterdam workshops are hosted in various co-working spaces and accelerators across the city, such as The Startup Orgy, Spaces, Rockstart, B.Amsterdam and WeWork. Also, meetings are set up with corporations such as Google, Deloitte, KPN and Usabilla to help startups gain invaluable insights, and the meetings that are arranged are specific to the startup’s industry.