Specialised startup-collaboration organisations in Amsterdam

In the process of working with startups, many questions may arise. How to determine the type of innovation your company needs and how to match the right startup to your innovation challenge? Perhaps the hardest question of all is how to collaborate successfully once you have found a match. The distinct nature of startups and corporates results in differences in culture, language and speed of decision-making. Fortunately, there are companies and organisations that specialise in the various aspects of corporate-startup collaboration. Browse our suggestions below.

Finding your innovation challenge


LeanUp is a team of startup experts who help companies explore new products, markets and technology – all in a scalable business model. Their data-informed, experiment-based approach can help corporates stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing business ecosystem, helping them design experiments that test hypotheses. The goal: to build innovative products that consumers really want.

Website: http://leanup.nl/

Professional Rebel

Professional Rebel's primary aim is to empower front-runners in large organisations to ignite the spirit of startups. Using their experience and roots in the startup ecosystem, they created programmes, masterclasses and bootcamps to ensure that creativity, innovation and independent-thinking are at the forefront. There are over 800 startups in Professional Rebel's network, and observing these startups' successes and failures would be an invaluable tool for any business.

Website: http://professionalrebel.com/

Finding the right startups in Amsterdam


FuelUp makes use of their proven methods and tools to help support businesses' tech-scouting methods. FuelUp began as a startup itself in 2013, self-developing a data aggregation tool to identify early-stage technology innovators. Using this knowledge and experience, they specialise in developing tools and methods to help businesses make better decisions and stronger connections with startups

Website: https://fuelup.co/

Growth Class

The goal of Growth Class is to help entrepreneurs and corporate investors connect, grow and learn. They provide an environment where innovation and inspiration are used to help businesses fulfil their growth goals. Growth Class offers various programmes to help corporates share the knowledge, experience and expertise that are vital for scaling up.

Website: http://growthclass.co/

Corporate-startup collaboration help


InnoLeaps, which was formed by the founders of Startupbootcamp, are pioneers in enterprise-startup acceleration, having accelerated over 140 Netherlands-based companies since 2011, accelerating over 60 collaborations between large enterprises and startups. Their innovation consulting, their acceleration programmes, and their coaching and mentoring programmes provide corporates with new startup-based skills, mindsets and innovation tools.

Website: http://www.innoleaps.com/


Aimforthemoon is a startup studio that focuses on building new ventures (or startups) from scratch, together with their community of entrepreneurs and corporate partners. They seek corporates who face challenges in innovation and launching new products, services or businesses. They solve these challenges with their knowledgeable community of entrepreneurial teams. The advantages they offer to corporates include: future business value, smarter innovation (less risky, faster and generates more impact) and execution power from the very start.

Website: https://www.aimforthemoon.com/