Foreign investors drawn to Amsterdam

The annual EY attractiveness surveys analyze growth from foreign direct investment in countries and regions across the globe, and help public sector and business leaders to make economically sound strategy and policy decisions.

The 2016 version (full PDF in Dutch), released on 23 May, again showed that the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, enjoys a healthy climate in terms of attracting foreign investment. In 2015, it explains, there were a record number of 219 foreign investment projects in the country, an increase of 47% compared to 2014.

The decision-makers interviewed for the report were impressed by the overall Dutch business climate, especially in terms of the quality of life, the education level of the local workforce, and the telecommunications infrastructure. The Netherlands also scored high on the global ICT Development Index and on the level of broadband penetration. 

Amsterdam scores high on all fronts

The Netherlands scored very well on the list of attractive cities for foreign investment, with Amsterdam coming in at 3rd place overall on the list of cities, which is two notches higher than the year before. Amsterdam also came in at 5th place worldwide when interviewees were asked about which city could see the emergence of “the next Google”. 
And the fact that the European Union recently declared Amsterdam the innovation capital of Europe will undoubtedly give the city an extra boost, the report said. Amsterdam also scored particularly high in terms of its international business climate and logistics infrastructure.

Another key point mentioned in the report is the startup economy, an area where the Netherlands excels. For example, the Dutch government has launched the Startup Delta program to strengthen the startup ecosystem, and to improve the country’s international position. Amsterdam also plays a key role in these developments, with initiatives such as StartupAmsterdam and the ACE Venture Lab.