The Business Marketing & Conventions department currently produces two kinds of publications:

• MICEdition:  a full-colour glossy filled with editorials, interviews and advertisements from our partners. 

MICE newsletter: updates on relevant news, developments and promotions from the meeting industry in Amsterdam.


Get inspiration for your upcoming event or conference with the Amsterdam MICEdition. 

Receive you own printed edition free of charge. Email us at [email protected].

Flip through the digital edition of the latest MICEditions via the links below:

MICEdition Summer 2016
MICEdition Winter 2015/2016

MICE newsletter

The MICE newsletter is sent twice a year (summer & winter) and will keep you fully updated on the meeting industry in Amsterdam.

Please email [email protected] to receive future editions of the Amsterdam MICEnewsletter. By completing the email sign up, you agree to be sent the corresponding MICEnewsletter and future editions.

To get a better view of the content, see the past editions below:

• MICEnewsletter Summer 2015
• MICEnewsletter Winter 2014

Business Marketing & Conventions

To contact the Business Marketing & Conventions department directly, please email us.