A short introduction

To further strengthen the position of Amsterdam as an international trade fair and congress city in Europe, Amsterdam Marketing, RAI Amsterdam, Koninklijke Horeca Netherlands ("KHN") and the Taskforce City Wide Congresses, a collaborative effort between three organisations listed for each category and one delegate from the 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels have developed a label: I amsterdam® approved.


  • To be able to operate decisively - Amsterdam wants to able to put down a good offer to organisers of major international multi-day congresses and fairs with large numbers of participants ("Citywide Congresses") without a lot of lengthy consultations. The aim is to be able to offer up to 16,000 rooms per day at certain price caps.

  • To  use a recognisable marketing concept - with the label Amsterdam wishes to clearly indicate to organisers that the city always has sufficient availability of hotel rooms with competitive price caps and is able to offer those to large, multi-day international congresses and fairs.

  • To show a strong and united city – displaying we are all working together under a united label it gives a congress or fair a trusted feeling. The joint effort to make them feel welcome, should result in us winning a bid.


For more information or advice please do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected].

I amsterdam® approved | Which hotels have already joined?

Almost all major chains and many individual hotels have signed up, showing this is a city wide effort. Together we can guarantee the availability of a maximum of 16,000 hotel rooms in Amsterdam.