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Amsterdam is a thriving tech and IT hub. Home to innovative tech companies and a bustling startup scene, it is the ideal breeding ground for cross-border collaborations with top class digital, creative and marketing companies.

International and local players

Global players such as Google, Netflix, Uber, Salesforce, Shutterstock, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, RedHat, Joyent, LinkedIn, Apple and Infosys have already set up shop to make the most of the perfect conditions available in the city. There are roughly 578 international IT companies in the Netherlands, collectively employing around 35,000 people. Around 170 of these companies choose Amsterdam for their headquarters, too. And there is plenty of local talent: homegrown successes include TomTom, Travelbird, The Next Web,, Elastic, WeTransfer and the FinTech unicorn Adyen.

Impressive digital infrastructure

Amsterdam is home to the largest data transport hub in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), and the Netherlands is renowned for having one of the fastest average broadband speeds in the world. About one third of European data centres (including Interxion and Equinix) are located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

“The Dutch consumer market is a pilot market for the rest of Europe.” – Shigeru Watanabe, Casio Benelux

Home to tech talent

The Amsterdam Area is home to a pool of 250,000 experienced IT professionals, and 55% of them hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The outstanding quality of life continues to attract top talent to the area. Innovations such as WiFi and Python (one of the programming languages used by Google) owe a great debt to the Amsterdam Area.

Vibrant startup hub

The Amsterdam Area is one of Europe’s most buzz-worthy startup hubs, too. Amsterdam is a natural testbed and launchpad for startups thanks to a strong startup support system – including StartupAmsterdam – a tech-savvy consumer base, a huge international talent pool and a great position for scaling into Europe and the world. Amsterdam’s small scale, combined with a cosmopolitan vibe, allows for innovative crossovers between industries; in addition, many leading entrepreneurs have described how the socially progressive attitude in the Netherlands contributes to Amsterdam’s position as one of Europe’s hottest digital capitals. In particular, the Amsterdam Area is home to an internationally renowned community of app developers: the app industry ranks fourth in the world in terms of invention and development of apps. 

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