Strategic logistics hub 

The region is home to two main transportation and logistics hubs: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Port of Amsterdam. These two facilities offer cutting-edge multi-modal logistics platforms and possibilities for expansion, and both are leading the way in sustainable innovation. Schiphol is home to dedicated logistics providers such as Freshport and The Port of Amsterdam is the world’s largest cocoa port.

Innovative workforce

Our innovative capacity is catalysed bythe successful co-operation between the business community, knowledge institutes and the government. An example is the partnership in agri-food innovation between the University of Amsterdam, the VU University and Wageningen UR (University and Research Centre). The close collaboration with governmental parties and stakeholders leads to stronger entrepreneurship and growth of the food sector. 

Home of pure and fresh water

A large natural freshwater resource in the Flevoland region around Almere provides municipal water of outstanding quality for the entire area. The ancient water comes from very pure sources and is of such outstanding quality that it doesn’t require further purification, providing excellent conditions for companies in the food and health industries. For companies including Yakult this was one of the main reasons for setting up here. 

International business environment

Many global players in the fields of professional services, covering legal affairs, HR and tax consultancy, have chosen to set up their business here. This includes service providers like Axon Lawyers, who are specialised in catering to companies in the food industry. The business environment provides additional incentive to follow the example of multinational food companies such as Brown-Forman, Fonterra and Cargill, who have all chosen to set up their headquarters in the Amsterdam Area.