The current situation

It is currently unclear when the UK will leave the EU and under what terms. In all likelihood, the situation will not change for several years. The official negotiations of Britain’s withdrawal have not yet begun; once they do, they will take at least two years and potentially longer. During that time, the UK remains a member of the EU. As for the longer term, it is impossible to forecast what the future relationship between the UK and the EU would be and what future trade treaties would include. Find more information for British citizens living and working in the Netherlands, as well as for businesses in the Netherlands employing Brits, here.

Information for businesses

Questions concerning Brexit on behalf of companies based in the Netherlands, or those interested in moving to or investing in the Netherlands, can be directed to amsterdam inbusiness.

Information for startups

Amsterdam-based startups founded by British entrepreneurs or employing British citizens, or those considering a move to Amsterdam, can contact StartupAmsterdam with any questions regarding the potential effects of Britain leaving the EU.

Information for British citizens

British citizens living and working in the Netherlands or planning to move to the Netherlands, as well as businesses that would be directly affected by any future policy changes, can contact the Brexit Information Point by calling +31 (0)20 254 7999 or dropping by the Expatcenter Amsterdam offices. 

Media enquiries

Journalists can contact Sebastiaan Meijer, spokesperson for Deputy Mayor Ollongren (Economic Affairs), at