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About Amsterdam Impact

Amsterdam Impact is here to help you find your way. It supports social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam by hosting events, organising challenges and creating business opportunities by connecting entrepreneurs with launching customers. It also provides links and resources (currently in Dutch only) about social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam.

We make connections to make an impact

Of all cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the one with the largest number of social enterprises, and with good reason: the city is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit and offers an integrated, close-knit business ecosystem. It’s also home to a diverse range of platforms, educators, intermediaries, colleges and universities that focus on social entrepreneurship, a large number of impact investors and various interesting and appealing work spaces.

Combining impact with business sense and entrepreneurship, like social entrepreneurs do, requires innovative partnerships. Therefore Amsterdam Impact is a collaborative effort with inspiring partners, working together to make an impact.

Support and resources

Amsterdam Impact provides support and resources for all those wanting to get involved with social entrepreneurship: social entrepreneurs themselves, but also civil servants and organisations, academic institutions and similar entities. Resources, tips and links (mainly in Dutch) for these groups can be found here, and this page has more (Dutch-language) information about public programmes and policies across a range of social and environmental issues. 

In Amsterdam, the municipality – the City of Amsterdam – actively supports social entrepreneurship and the ecosystem around it. To that end, is has launched a social entrepreneurship action programme with the motto ‘we connect for impact’. Amsterdam Impact is the team tasked with implementing this action programme (PDF). Contact Amsterdam Impact here

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