Amsterdam Welcome, a City of Amsterdam project to boost hospitality levels in the city, has once again conducted a survey into satisfaction levels amongst visitors to the capital.

The word on the streets

Interviewers took to the streets to find out what visitors thought about hospitality in the city but this time the research wasn’t limited solely to tourists. In order to more effectively gauge progress, residents of Amsterdam were also asked their opinion.

One striking finding of the research is that Amsterdammers gave their city a notably lower rating than visitors. Amsterdam residents gave the city an average score of 7.2 out of 10 while visitors rated it significantly higher, scoring Amsterdam with an impressive 8.2.

Most significant tips

Whilst the large majority of visitors were extremely satisfied with the welcome they received in Amsterdam, a few helpful suggestions were made to help further improve hospitality in the city:

  • More public toilets

  • Free and improved maps (in general, improve quality of information)

  • Cleaner streets

  • Cheaper and simpler public transport.

Quotes from satisfied visitors

Below are a few quotes from visitors who have experienced the Amsterdam welcome first hand:

  • Yesterday a guy who saw we were lost came over to point us the way. He came by himself; we didn't even have to ask him! (Tourist from Atlanta, US )

  • The day care where I brought my son was very welcoming to him and they didn't mind that I don't speak Dutch. (Expat living in Amsterdam, originally from the United Kingdom)

  • The atmosphere is great! There is so much culture. I've been coming to Amsterdam for 13 years and come back every year! (Tourist from Saudi Arabia).

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