• Here to help

    The Expatcenter provides a host of services aimed at international companies and their expatriate employees.
  • Improved solutions

    The Expatcenter is pleased to announce that a number of new service improvements have been introduced for the beginning of 2014.
  • How it all works

    The Expatcenter aims to meet the needs of expatriates by partnering up with local expat-related service providers in the Amsterdam area.
  • Partnership programme

    Connect with expat-related service providers in the Amsterdam area.
  • Online form

    In order to utilise the Expatcenter for municipal registration, you first need to complete the online appointment request form.

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Welcome to the Expatcenter

The Expatcenter opened in June 2008 and was one of the first schemes of its kind in the Netherlands to cut the red tape for internationals and assist in the process of settling in.

After a successful few years, the Expatcenter still has its sights set on expanding services and building bridges for Amsterdam’s international community.

Expatcenter procedure

Information on the Expatcenter's procedure for highly skilled migrants.

Online appointment forms

Forms for scheduling an appointment at the Expatcenter.

Partnership Programme

The Expatcenter is currently working with trusted partners in the local expat-related market.

Expatcenter news

Keep in touch with the Expatcenter's latest news and developments.