Weather in Amsterdam

Weather picture
Amsterdam has a moderate climate with mild winters, cool summers and a fair bit of rainfall. Find out what type of weather you can expect in Amsterdam this week.

The Netherlands has a mild North Sea climate, with moderate temperatures. In the winter, it rarely drops below -5° C (23° F), and in summer it seldom gets warmer than 28° C (82° F). No matter what time of year you visit Amsterdam, there is one thing you can count on: the weather will change quickly, so dress in layers!

Amsterdam by season

  • Spring: The flower fields are in bloom and trees are turning green. You can expect a wide range of temperatures – perhaps all in one day. Rain is quite common, but it's mixed with gorgeous days when everyone heads outside to soak up the sun. 
  • Summer: Everyone heads outdoors to enjoy a drink on a terrace or catch some sun in the park. The days are long, with the sun setting after 21:00. But summer days are not always sunny, so take along a sweater or light jacket.
  • Autumn: The trees turn golden hues and there is a pleasant chill in the air. At the end of autumn you can expect some rain, often accompanied by wind.
  • Winter: Amsterdam winters tend to be mild, and when snow does fall, it usually only sticks around for a few days. Once every few years it gets cold enough for the canals to freeze, and then everyone grabs their skates for some outdoor fun.

Packing tips

Regardless of the season, we recommend you pack an umbrella, a sweater and perhaps even a scarf. It’s also a good idea to bring some comfortable walking shoes that can handle several hours of sightseeing!