Finding accommodation in Amsterdam can be tough. Find information on housing rights, how to find a place and practical info like how to set up your phone and take out the garbage.

With a general housing shortage and long waiting lists for subsidised houses, getting situated in Amsterdam can be quite an undertaking to the unfamiliar. It is likely the range and style of accommodation available is also quite different from what you’re used to. There are several options for those moving to Amsterdam and various agencies that can help you in your search.

  • Finding housing

    Finding housing

    Finding a place in Amsterdam is not difficult with the right information. If you are looking for accommodation, there are three options: renting... Read more »
  • Housing rights

    Housing rights

    It’s important for everyone who buys or rents a home in Amsterdam to know what their rights are. Read more to learn about your... Read more »
  • Housing policy

    Housing policy

    Amsterdam is a very mixed city where low-income households can also afford to live in popular neighbourhoods. This heterogeneity makes Amsterdam an attractive mix... Read more »
  • Tax allowances

    Tax allowances

    Included in the tax allowances the Netherlands provides its citizens is the housing allowance: a financial contribution towards the cost of a rented dwelling. Read more »
  • Advice and mediation for neighbour disputes

    Advice and mediation for neighbour disputes

    Amsterdam citizens involved in disputes or conflicts with neighbours can make use of a free mediation service called Beter Buren. Read more »
  • Utilities & maintenance

    Utilities & maintenance

    Once you've found accommodation, you'll need to set up things like internet and TV, and know when and where to throw out the... Read more »