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Wind Water Beach, Enjoy the fresh sea air and breezy beaches near IJmuiden.Industrial Heritage, Get a glimpse of our industrial past in the Zaan region.Amsterdam Waterland, Discover a typical Dutch landscape with rustic farms and rolling meadows.Smalltown Harbours, Experience the old-fashioned charm of these waterside villages. The Big Lake, Sail, swim or surf on the country's biggest lakes.Fortress Stretch, Visit these castles and fortresses to experience our mediaeval history.New Land, Learn about reclaiming land from water in the newest part of the Netherlands.Amsterdam City , Visit our open-minded capital for its canals, museums, markets, clubs and more.Old Haarlem, Haarlem charms with its historic beauty and classical architecture.Dutch Dunes, Bike or hike through the stunning dune landscape at the edge of the sea.Sun Kissed Beach, Soak up the sun in hotspots like Zandvoort and Bloemendaal.Bubbling Boulevard, Shop, pamper yourself or just relax in the vibrant town of Zandvoort.Amsterdam Gateway, Save some time for world-class shopping at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.Flower Strip, Visit the flower fields for an explosion of colour in spring.Amstel River Countryside, Follow the Amstel River to discover unspoilt countryside and magestic estates. Historical River Estates, Behold the lavish manors lining the Vecht River.Leisure Lakes, Discover the lakes near Amsterdam, perfect for a day of fun on the water., Wind Water Beach, Close your eyes, breathe in the fresh sea air and feel the sultry wind in your hair. The beach is the perfect place to get out in the fresh air for the day. To the northwest of Amsterdam is the wide, quiet beach of IJmuiden. Popular with nature-lovers and people looking for a bit of peace and quiet, as well as adventurous practitioners of watersports and sporty hikers are in their element here.Industrial Heritage, Just imagine: smoking chimneys, revolving sails on the windmills and the smell of freshly made products such as biscuits and chocolate. Along the River Zaan it was a hotbed of industry in the 19th century. The Zaan region was the world's first industrial estate and has left us a magnificent piece of industrial heritage with old warehouses, factories and windmills.Amsterdam Waterland, Cycling through the flat Dutch polder landscape with its old farmsteads and expansive fields is something the Dutch really like doing too. Through Het Land van Leeghwater, for example, with winding dikes, wonderful views and pyramidal ‘stolpboerderijen’ (traditional Dutch farmhouses in the shape of a cheese cover). For centuries the residents of this area battled against the water. Nowadays for the most part we can enjoy it. 
Smalltown Harbours, Edam, Volendam, Marken and Monnickendam were once about two things: fishing and trading. Hardly a surprise, since the villages lay right at the edge of the Zuiderzee, the area was later impoldered and now it is called the IJsselmeer. Fortunately the authentic character of each town has been preserved, including their lively harbours, which now have full terraces, cosy eateries and Dutch herring carts. And with a bit of luck you’ll bump into a resident wearing the traditional costume. In short, these Old Dutch fishing villages are Dutch folklore through and through.The Big Lake, The biggest lake in the Netherlands is the IJsselmeer lying to the northeast of Amsterdam. The lake was created in 1932 by damming it with the 32-kilometre-long Afsluitdijk. A section of this lake offers ample opportunity for water-based recreation. Here, you can sail, surf, swim and enjoy the wonderful nature reserve. One thing that is beautiful to see – perhaps even from your own boat – is the large boats that come sailing by – catamarans, clippers and historic sailing vessels.Fortress Stretch, Around Amsterdam it teems with enchanting fortified towns. Take a walk over old town ramparts or a peek into the life of Count Floris V, who had the castle Muiderslot built. Get swept off into the Middle Ages! 

New Land, The story of the Netherlands’ "new land" is unique. For centuries the people of Holland have waged a war against the water using dikes, dams and impoldering. They won the battle for the Zuiderzee by reclaiming more than 1,800 square kilometres of land, thus creating Flevoland, the world’s largest polder, on average around 5 metres below sea level. The remarkable history, a unique nature reserve, the modern architecture, the little beaches and the opportunities for indulging in watersports provide enough reasons to take a closer look at this new land.Amsterdam City , Visit the historic centre of our open-minded capital. Museums - the canals - markets - clubs - the city has it all! Old Haarlem, Haarlem is truly a city for fans of all things cultural. It has a rich history with large churches, a cathedral, windmills, an impressive city hall and the famous Haarlem ‘hofjes’ (courtyards) – cosy, calming paradises in the middle of the city. And don’t forget the variety of museums! Go on a journey of discovery through this beautiful and characteristic city.Dutch Dunes, Do you know what’s so special about the dunes? They’re like some kind of no-man’s-land. A separate piece of nature, set apart from the sea and ‘terra firma’. As soon as you leave the beach – with a stiff wind in your hair and the crashing of the waves in your ears – and head into the dunes, you will be overcome by a sense of tranquility. It’s sheltered from the wind, there is the sound of songbirds and the scent of different plants and trees. You may ask yourself in surprise: is this the Netherlands? The undulating landscape is in stark contrast to the normally so flat Dutch polder landscape. Sun Kissed Beach, Spoil yourself and plan a relaxed day at the beach today! The Dutch coast is renowned for its wide beaches and vibrant beach cafés and restaurants in all shapes and sizes. Hip and trendy in Bloemendaal, lively and pleasant in Zandvoort. Stick a sun hat and a good book in your bag and relax…Bubbling Boulevard, Zandvoort has plenty to offer: a glorious area of natural beauty with a beach, sea and dunes, a bustling boulevard with shops and catering establishments, a small historic town centre, a motor racing circuit and beauty and wellness salons. 

Amsterdam Gateway, Schiphol is one of those places that confound the senses. Always busy, lively, international and glamorous. Sipping coffee on a terrace and watching the world go by is great fun. And making your last-minute purchases for home is something you can do both before or after going through passport control.Flower Strip, Be amazed by the many colours of Holland with its world-famous flower auction.Amstel River Countryside, Amsterdam certainly isn’t the first place you think of when you hear the words ‘rustling reeds’, ‘farms’ and ‘polder landscape’. Nevertheless, Amsterdam’s hinterland is quiet, green and unspoilt. Simply follow the River Amstel, which starts in the city centre at the Muntplein. In no time at all you’ll be cycling past grazing cows, country houses and historic villages. Historical River Estates, The winding River Vecht between Amsterdam and Utrecht is a wonderful setting for a boat trip or cycle route. The bank or water offer an open view of the imposing castles, country houses and accompanying tearooms. Rich merchants from the Golden Age once spent their summer months here. A smart place to take a holiday, because at the beginning of the 17th century the River Vecht was the most important link between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The holidaymakers ‘only’ needed five to seven hours to reach their rural residence. 

Leisure Lakes, Near Amsterdam you’ll find a number of lakes perfect for a day of fun on the water. Rent a sailboat, electric boat, canoe or surfboard and start floating.,






For the visitors who’ve already seen the beautiful canals, visited the highlights, pioneered the Jordaan and got the hang of our never-ending nightlife… Here’s news for you: Amsterdam is bigger than you think! There is plenty more to experience. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area offers a great variety of products.  It is a stunning area that surrounds our city! Worth to explore the variety of landscapes. The beach to relax, shopping, a dive into our history, or a breath of air in our beautiful countryside. We introduce you to 17 special characteristic areas. All of these destinations are within reach of an hour using public transportation. Click on the map and explore Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.