Upcoming comedy highlights

This international comedy group performs a hilarious, hi-octane, completely improvised show at the CREA Café every Friday night. There’s also an early bird show, guest performers from around the world, various formats and open podiums.
every Fri, Crea Café, 20:00 & 21:00, €5-€10

This new weekly event in the smaller upstairs theatre is a breeding ground for upcoming Dutch and international comedy talents (with a bit more emphasis on local comics and performances in Dutch).
every Fri, Boom Chicago, 21:00, €15

Shot of Improv
Shot of Improv sees the entire Boom Chicago cast take to the stage, so the laughs are guaranteed to keep on comin’. Completely different each week, it’s a show that starts big and never slows down.
every Sat, Boom Chicago, 22:30, €14
What’s Up With Those Beards?
It’s a question that has puzzled the world’s greatest minds for centuries. Well, OK, not really. Nevertheless, the comedy crew over at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam will go looking for the answer in their latest show that’s filled with improv, sketches, music and video. Read more.
every Thur & Sat (also Tue in June & July), Boom Chicago, €26.50

Smart Phones, Dumb People!
A new collection of Boom Chicago’s favourite scenes plus brand new improvisations with a focus on high-tech comedy. The show traces life from the Nokia 3310 to the iPhone 5s. From Snake to Candy Crush. From MySpace to Instagram.
every Wed & Sun, Boom Chicago, €22.50

Attack of the Killer Bikes
Boom Chicago’s summer comedy show is a blazing mix of scripted scenes, improvisation, music and video about life in Amsterdam.
Every Wed & Sun in July & August, Boom Chicago, €22.50

Amsterdam English Comedy Nights
This monthly feature presented by the Boom Chicago crew brings the best international stand-up comics to the city. Each show will include four or five sets and be entirely in English. September is headlined by Benny Boot (Australia) and Zeid Andersson (Swe); October is a special with Phil Nichol (Canada).
Fri 19 Sep & 24 Oct, Boom Chicago, 22:30, €12-€15 

Reginald D Hunter
Originally from Georgia, USA, Hunter is now based in the UK, where he is an acclaimed stand-up and regular guest on a host of panel shows, including Have I Got News for You and QI. Although occasionally controversial – the tour is called ‘Reginald D Hunter In Europe:  A Nigga Runs Through It’, after all – his laid-back delivery and good nature always make for a memorable show.
Tue 23 Sep, Boom Chicago, 20:30, €20-€35

Da Bounce Comedy Nights
The renowned Da Bounce Comedy Nights crew sets up for another night of raucous laughs in Amsterdam. Each session invites a handful of comics from the US and UK, plus special Dutch guests and MCs.
Sat 27 Sep, Meervaart, 20:30, €25 

Jack Dee
This British comic has enjoyed an impressive stand-up (and acting career) over the past three decades, specialising in dry, downbeat humour reflected through this own experiences. Notable TV roles include his recurring appearances in surreal quiz show Shooting Stars and his own sitcom Lead Balloon, but his stand-up career has also enjoyed a mainstream resurgence thanks to his ongoing work on the Live at the Apollo series.
Tue 14 Oct, Meervaart, 20:15, €27.50-€30

Pam Ann
This snarky stewardess is the alter-ego of Australian comedian Caroline Reid. Madonna is a fan and once described her as ‘cruelly funny’. Join Pam Ann as she takes her ‘passengers’ on a hilarious, sky-high adventure with Plane Filthy, her latest one-woman show.
Tue 14 Oct, De La Mar Theater, 20:00, €26-€41

Todd Barry
He’s often regarded as a comic’s comic, but this deadpan American is continually gaining public attention. TV fans will recognise him from Flight of the Conchords, Spin City and as voices for some of the best animated comedy shows of recent years. Onstage he’s renowned for his smart, caustic and occasionally absurdist view of the world.
Mon 20 Oct, Boom Chicago, 20:00, €20-€35

Whitney Cummings
This fiery comedian has been one of the funniest recurring cast members of Comedy Central’s ‘Roasts’, lambasting the likes of Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff and Joan Rivers. In her new show, Cummings shares brutally honest insights about love and relationships, covering everything from what real orgasms look like to her frustration at men calling women ‘crazy’.
Tue 21 Oct, Boom Chicago, 20:30, €17.50-€30

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  • Comedy Theater in de Nes
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  • CREA Café
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  • Meervaart
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